Products to use for hygiene compliance

Magnifying Lamp with a barrier wrap

  • This is an essential piece of equipment for your cosmetic tattooing procedure. By checking your work through the magnifying lamp, you will ensure that you have the best view of your work . If you are not using a Magnifying lamp, make sure you are have excellent lighting such as a ring light, and that you are wearing subscriptions glasses if required
  • You should constantly check your work carefully with the magnifying lamp, or another lighting that you are using for the procedure. You must have excellent lighting as microblading is detailed work. A ring light is a great lighting choice which can be purchased at the Brow Shop, or
  • Using a barrier wrap around the edge of the lamp ensures maximum hygiene during the procedure. You will need to adjust and reposition the magnifying lamp whilst cosmetic tattooing, and by using a barrier wrap you will avoid touching the lamp body.  The barrier wrap MUST be changed between each client service. The magnifying lamp MUST also be cleaned with 70% isopropyl alcohol at the start and end of each procedure.
  • All equipment must be cleaned with a separate 70% isopropyl alcohol wipe at the start and end of every procedure. If possible, any equipment should be fitted with a foot-operated switch. If that is not available then ensure that every time you need to remove your gloves, you wash and sanitise your hands, and apply a new pair of gloves before you touch sterile equipment or tools.
  • At Mien Brows we only use one use sterile hand tools and needles for microblading and do not autoclave any of our hand tools, as even autoclaving your hand tool has been proven to not completely sterilise the metal groove area of the tool. We highly recommend you adhere to these health and safety precautions.
  • Digital machine needles are one use, and a plastic sleeve and finger cot are used to protect the machine from cross-contamination when in use.