Ombre/Powdered Brows

The Powdered technique, also known as the Ombre technique, is commonly used to create a more defined “pencilled in” look. This technique creates a powdered, more defined/intense effect. This technique is excellent for covering old discoloured tattoos and is also excellent for clients who have an oily skin type. 

At Mien Brows we always make sure that our clients understand that this type of look is for someone who likes to wear very strong makeup every day. Your client must also understand that once they proceed with an ombre technique, they can never go back to a feathered Microbladed look. 

The digital machine is used in this process.

Practice on pads

Use practice pads until you feel completely confident to start working on the skin. Another good way to practice your strokes and techniques is on an apple, orange or very ripe banana, as it is a round structure to work on, and more closely resembles the skin. 

Remember that practice pads (latex or silicone) have much more resistance than human skin and you will not be able to practice your 3-point stretch technique. 

Watch the video demonstration on setting up for an Ombre Brow

How to create the brow stencil