Needle depth

Epidermis – is the outermost of the three layers of skin, the inner layers being the dermis and hypodermis. The epidermis layer provides a barrier to infection and regulates the amount of water released from the body into the atmosphere. 

Needle depth can have a considerable effect on the look of the cosmetic tattoo. If the pigment is not implanted at the correct depth (within the upper layer of the dermis), then black/brown pigments tend to look blue/green/grey. When you have attached your needle to your machine, make sure your needle is protruding out of the cartridge no more than 1 millimetre. As shown in the following image there is a change in size of the deposit of pigment the deeper you penetrate the skin. Too deep and the pigment will appear to be more than three times its actual size. Larger deposits (which depend on the size of the needle) are more susceptible to colour and size alterations as related by implantation depth than smaller deposits.