Master Classes
with our Master Stylist & Owner

At Mien Brows we believe Eyebrow Cosmetic Tattooing is a form of eyebrow architecture, designed to achieve fuller, more structured brows, thereby alleviating the regular routine of applying brow makeup.

Our courses are designed for you to be guided by our highly experienced Master Stylist and Owner of Mien Brows.

We provide complimentary consultations for Nicole to tailor a course structure to your specific requirements on any aspects of cosmetic tattooing that you would like to gain more confidence in, and perfect your technique.

Our number one goal is setting the industry apart with a key focus on education, building strong relationships with our students and giving them the confidence within themselves to have a successful career in the industry.

Eyebrow Microblading 

Also known as “feather stroke.”
Microblading is a tattooing technique in which a small handheld tool made of several tiny needles is used to add semi-permanent pigment to the skin. This technique is used to mimic the natural brow hairs. It is the most natural way to fill in your brows. It can last anywhere between 6 – 18 months.

Combination Brows

A combination brow is a mixture of microbladed hair-like strokes and shading. Shading gives more definition to your brows and once healed it creates more of a “make-up” look. I often use this technique to cover old eyebrow tattoos.

Ombre Brows

The ombré effect comes from using two different brow colours, one lighter than the other. This technique lasts longer and works very well with oily skin. The brow is also fuller and more defined or dramatic. Great for clients who regularly fill in their brows with pencils or shadows

Lash Enhancement Tattoo

A lash enhancement tattoo creates undetectable definition for eyes. It involves tattooing an ultra thin black/brown line along the lash line to create the illusion of fuller and darker lashes.

Eyeliner Tattoo

An eyeliner tattoo involves pigment being implanted to the eye line of the lashes, and can be customised as fine, thin, or medium to a thick eye-liner style.
We offer eyeliner top, eyeliner bottom and eyeliner top and bottom.


Lip Blush Tattoo 

A lip blush tattoo involves implanting pigment into your lips. We customise a lip colour suited to your natural features. This service can re-define the lip line and create a natural ‘blush’ look to your lips.


Luxe Brow Sculpt Package

Book in for a Luxe Brow Package with our artists for the ultimate Brow experience.
Your package includes:
Shaping your eyebrows using the Golden Ratio Method
Eyebrow wax & tint
Mineral makeup application
Education on maintenance

You're in safe hands with one of the highest rated services in the country

  • Chris C Avatar
    Chris C
    21/07/21 - Google

    I did not get any permanent procedure here, however the woman at Mien was able to re-map my messed up eyebrows (from a cheap threading salon) and get them back... read more

    Deborah Magill Avatar
    Deborah Magill
    20/07/21 - Google

    Great experience!!! love the resultsLynara Is fantasticHighly recommend these lovely girlsService: Microblading

    Maria B Avatar
    Maria B
    03/07/21 - Google

    ANNIE is absolutely amazing! I just did my perfecting session today with her! And I’m soo excited to show them off to my friends and family!
    Annie is so talented, kind,...
    read more

  • Anthea E Michaels Avatar
    Anthea E Michaels
    01/07/21 - Google

    I was not only nervous but apprehensive about the concept of having hairs tattooed into my brow. It took months of umming and ahhing about having this done, Mien Brows... read more

    Audry Chan Avatar
    Audry Chan
    09/06/21 - Google

    I have now eyebrows that I can be proud and confident of. The service and professionalism was tops. Thank you to the Mien Brows staff!

    Allanah Avalon Avatar
    Allanah Avalon
    25/05/21 - Google

    The team here are exceptional - they do more than just their jobs, they’re artists of their craft. I had my eyebrows micro-bladed with Lynara - each step of the... read more

  • Namratha Mohan Avatar
    Namratha Mohan
    23/05/21 - Google

    The Team at Mien brows are absolutely amazing. Starting off With Gina who explained the whole process so clear and makes follow up calls to check-in on my progress. The... read more

    Kim Novak Avatar
    Kim Novak
    20/05/21 - Google

    Gina and the team were fantastic from start to finish. Very prompt, professional advice and service, I would highly recommend Mien brows to anyone looking for eyebrow feathering or microblading,... read more

    Lynn Ritchie Avatar
    Lynn Ritchie
    18/05/21 - Google

    I would highly recommend mien brows. I have spent my life tinting and drawing on my eyebrows as I am very fair, now I don't have to do anything,... read more

  • Beth Melton Avatar
    Beth Melton
    18/05/21 - Google

    I was so impressed with my whole experience from my first consult to my follow up session. I was concerned as I dont wear make up and did not want... read more

    N Wa Avatar
    N Wa
    04/05/21 - Google

    Staff are very friendly, welcoming and professional. My technician Annie was very skilled, professional and kind. I was so happy to get my eyebrows done here! I should done it... read more

    Lynn Ritchie Avatar
    Lynn Ritchie
    29/04/21 - Google

    I would highly recommend mien brows. I have spent my life tinting and drawing on my eyebrows as I am very fair now I don't have to do anything,... read more

  • Emily Smith Avatar
    Emily Smith
    28/04/21 - Google

    Beautifully clean, bright and airy salon, lovely relaxing environment. I am so happy with my brows. My technician Lynara let me take all the time in the world as she... read more

    Jay Na Avatar
    Jay Na
    10/03/21 - Google

    The girls did such a good job, I love my brows and the ladies made sure I was completely happy with the results. I would 100% recommend them to my friends.

    Julia Sharpe Avatar
    Julia Sharpe
    03/03/21 - Google

    Great service provided by Diana. Really pleased with the process from start to finish. Appreciate it. Dan

  • kl phone Avatar
    kl phone
    27/02/21 - Google

    Just got my brows done by Annie, she is very good. She took the time to do the job properly, gave good advice. Very happy with the job. Place is... read more

    Nicole Cain Avatar
    Nicole Cain
    26/02/21 - Google

    Love my new brows and lash enhancement!! Annie has been fantastic, very professional and friendly. She has done an amazing job! Thoroughly recommend Mien Brows - welcoming environment, clean, professional... read more

    Cara Shirley Avatar
    Cara Shirley
    28/12/20 - Google

    I recently had microblading done by Annie at Mien Brows and the result is amazing. I've always been self-conscious about my brows and hidden them behind my fringe. Now I... read more

  • Cara Shirley Avatar
    Cara Shirley
    03/12/20 - Google

    I recently had microblading done by Annie at Mien Brows and the result is amazing. I've always been self-conscious about my brows and hidden them behind my fringe. Now I... read more

    Michelle Cheah Avatar
    Michelle Cheah
    02/12/20 - Google

    The staff here are super professional and friendly especially Diana and Gina but most importantly, their services are absolutely top-notch. My eyebrows look so amazing, I honestly couldn't be happier... read more

    Kim Lunardi Avatar
    Kim Lunardi
    28/07/20 - Google

    My experience at Mien Brows was fabulous- Gina made me feel immediately comfortable in my initial consultation and answered all my questions and concerns. Nicole followed through with expert skill... read more

  • Kate Allnutt Avatar
    Kate Allnutt
    28/07/20 - Google

    Wow!MienBrows is simply incredible, I had been planning to have my brows micro bladed for some time and after a lot of research I contacted MienBrows and had my... read more

    Marion MacLennan Avatar
    Marion MacLennan
    28/07/20 - Google

    The female staff I met were professional, attentive and responsive. My satisfaction was their priority. Nicole listened to what I wanted and gave me a perfect result. I'm very pleased... read more

    Madeline Schiller Avatar
    Madeline Schiller
    28/07/20 - Google

    Staff were super friendly and did an amazing job on my eyebrows!!

  • Kim Lunardi Avatar
    Kim Lunardi
    10/07/20 - Google

    My experience at Mien Brows was fabulous- Gina made me feel immediately comfortable in my initial consultation and answered all my questions and concerns. Nicole followed through with expert skill... read more

    Kate Allnutt Avatar
    Kate Allnutt
    09/07/20 - Google


    MienBrows is simply incredible, I had been planning to have my brows micro bladed for some time and after a lot of research I contacted MienBrows and had my...
    read more

    Katrina Williamson Avatar
    Katrina Williamson
    28/06/20 - Google

    Cannot recommend highly enough. I spent over 6 months debating on getting my eyebrows done and just as long researching the best place to go in Melbourne, as being... read more

  • Jasper Davies Avatar
    Jasper Davies
    28/06/20 - Google

    I had my brows shadowed and feathered after a long time of procrastination. It couldn't have been a better choice. I am so happy with the outcome. My... read more

    Jane Kim Avatar
    Jane Kim
    28/06/20 - Google

    Walking into Mien Brows, you are able to tell that you are going to be the recipient of great customer service. All of the ladies are warm, listen to your... read more

    Liz Lim Avatar
    Liz Lim
    28/06/20 - Google

    Highly recommend! You will be in excellent hands with this professional team. Wouldn't go anywhere else!

  • Helen Bekos Avatar
    Helen Bekos
    23/06/20 - Google

    I cannot thank the the fabulous women at Mien Brows enough. Not only are they incredibly professional in their dealings with their clients, they are also warm ,welcoming and reassuring... read more

    Kay Fraser Avatar
    Kay Fraser
    28/03/20 - Google

    I love my brows by Gina. I can see why she is one of the leading feathering artists in Australia. I wouldn't trust anyone else with my brows.

    28/01/20 - Google

    Lovely staff and great experience. My eyebrows look amazing! Would recommend 100%!

  • The Daily Mayhem Avatar
    The Daily Mayhem
    28/01/20 - Google

    This is my first time getting my eyebrows done and it was the most amazing experience. The staff were all so friendly and accommodating. Any question they had they could... read more

    gaelle flores Avatar
    gaelle flores
    28/01/20 - Google

    this is the 1st time ever i do tattoo and i was a bit scared , because lot of money to spend . but then Gina took care of me,... read more

    Kate O'Donnell Avatar
    Kate O'Donnell
    28/01/20 - Google

    I visited Mien Brows after looking at the fantastic google reviews they had.I always wanted my brows to be micro bladed but was scared on having them done and where... read more

  • Hayley Bentley Avatar
    Hayley Bentley
    28/01/20 - Google

    I really enjoy visiting Mien Brows - all of the staff are lovely and extremely welcoming. It can be a daunting experience having your eyebrows/eyeliner tattooed but the girls really... read more

    Jessica Cheung Avatar
    Jessica Cheung
    28/01/20 - Google

    I had a wonderful experience at Mien Brows. It was my first time trying microblading and Gina and her team provided individualised, professional and friendly service, making sure I was... read more

    Sarada Avatar
    28/01/20 - Google

    Hi just want to know, how long will one session result last for? And how much will i be charged. I have thin eyebrows will it be microblading or... read more

  • Joyce Sim Avatar
    Joyce Sim
    28/01/20 - Google

    A wonderful experience from consultation to perfecting. Gina and Tasha are genuine and professional. They’re so good at what they do. I definitely recommend them!

    Patricia Maroney Avatar
    Patricia Maroney
    28/01/20 - Google

    I highly recommend Bec, she's absolutely amazing at her job. Also, a massive thanks to Gina and staff for looking after me so well.Bec did my eyebrow microblading, shes very... read more

    Josephine Nakat Avatar
    Josephine Nakat
    28/01/20 - Google

    As anyone should be, I was a little reluctant about having this procedure, because let's be real, it's on the face and if anything goes wrong - you're screwed.I have... read more

  • Annalise K Avatar
    Annalise K
    28/01/20 - Google

    WOW ! A massive thank you to Gina and also to Tash 🌹🌹... this is my first experience with eye brow tattooing and was soooo nervous ! I did HEAPS... read more

    Emily Curtsinger Avatar
    Emily Curtsinger
    28/01/20 - Google

    My eyebrows have never looked better thanks to Bec and the rest of the staff at Mien Brows!! Highly recommend!

    Alicia Tan Avatar
    Alicia Tan
    28/01/20 - Google

    Warm and professional from beginning to end! Gina and Diana go through every step clearly and offer support throughout your sessions. I was very impressed with Diana's attention to detail... read more

  • Jessica Allen Avatar
    Jessica Allen
    28/01/20 - Google

    Such amazing service. She goes above and beyond for her clients

    Ames Avatar
    28/01/20 - Google

    Wonderful service! Wonderful experience. The team here are so welcoming, caring and genuine. The process is clearly explained and the team ensure you understand the Microblading process end-to-end. I was... read more

    Emily Marks Avatar
    Emily Marks
    28/01/20 - Google

    The team at Mien Brows are truly amazing! I am so glad that I took a chance on being a model for Bec as she transitioned into a now fully... read more

  • Diamond Kicks Avatar
    Diamond Kicks
    28/01/20 - Google

    This is my first experience getting my Brows tattooed at Mien Brows and safe to say ill never go anywhere else. From the moment you walk in you are made... read more

    Verlyann Nagy Avatar
    Verlyann Nagy
    28/01/20 - Google

    Just had my final touch up on Wednesday the girls at miens brows are so nice I had Tasha do my brows .She did a totally awesome job and I... read more

    Sandra Kozelj Avatar
    Sandra Kozelj
    28/01/20 - Google

    The wonderful Gina and Tasha at Mien Brows changed my life. I had been penciling brows in for years and finally found the courage to walk into Mien Brows without... read more

  • Jia K. Avatar
    Jia K.
    28/01/20 - Google

    Have nothing but the best things to say about Mien Brows! Decided to get my brows and lash line done here after reading all their Google reviews and I have... read more

    Kristin Sabatino Avatar
    Kristin Sabatino
    28/01/20 - Google

    Thank-you very much Tasha for making my dream eyebrows become a reality! Mum and I are beyond impressed with your talent, knowledge and skills! You truly listen to client requests... read more

    Mae Antonio Avatar
    Mae Antonio
    28/01/20 - Google

    The ladies at Mien Brows definitely know what they’re doing!! You walk in to a bright and modern studio and will be greeted by Gina who is equal parts warm... read more

  • Mary Pettigrove Avatar
    Mary Pettigrove
    28/01/20 - Google

    Mien Brows is the epitome of professional, high quality work and excellent customer service. I had a wonderful experience during my eyebrow microblading treatment and first perfecting session with the... read more

    Hayley McIntyre Avatar
    Hayley McIntyre
    28/01/20 - Google

    I couldn't recommend Mien Brows more highly. Diana, Gina and the team are true professionals, provide ample information and ensure you are well informed about the process prior to the... read more

    Jo Jo Avatar
    Jo Jo
    28/01/20 - Google

    I had my eyebrows micro bladed and tattooed by Tasha. There is no doubt she is very experienced and knows exactly what she is doing. The whole process is explained... read more

  • Tracey Brown Avatar
    Tracey Brown
    28/01/20 - Google

    For medical reasons I lost a lot of my eye brows. I was apprehensive about getting them done. After looking a few places I finally came across Mien Brows. The... read more

    A KLEINE Avatar
    18/06/19 - Google

    WOW ! A massive thank you to Gina and also to Tash 🌹🌹... this is my first experience with eye brow tattooing and was soooo nervous ! I did HEAPS... read more

    Penny A Avatar
    Penny A
    18/06/19 - Google

    I have been really hesitant to try eyebrow feathering but got sick of drawing it. Found Mien Brows and decided to give it a go. I have been dealing with... read more

  • Anna Goulemas Avatar
    Anna Goulemas
    28/01/19 - Google

    I couldn't be happier the result is spectacular.Highly recommended MIEN BROWS. Thank you Nicole

    Annette Dal Sasso Avatar
    Annette Dal Sasso
    28/01/19 - Google

    Gina and Nicole always made me feel so welcome and reassured. I love my brows and would recommend Mien Brows to anyone considering having their eyebrows enhanced. You won't regret... read more

    Nicole Terzis Avatar
    Nicole Terzis
    28/01/19 - Google

    I had no idea what to expect but after my visit with Nicole I was absolutely amazed with how natural my eyebrows looked. Nicole has a beautiful presence about her... read more

  • Camilla Rose Avatar
    Camilla Rose
    28/01/19 - Google

    Mien Brows are fantastic!!! Nicole and the team made me feel so comfortable and relaxed - it can be scary getting microblading, but not here! I never thought that my... read more

    Kristen Mason Avatar
    Kristen Mason
    28/01/19 - Google

    I couldn’t highly recommend Nicole enough. I was very nervous to have my eyebrows done, but she is very thorough and measured me face to make sure the eyebrows suited... read more

    Morena Negro Avatar
    Morena Negro
    28/01/19 - Google

    I love my new eyebrows and would definitely recommend Mien Brows for their professionalism and friendly staff.

  • Penelope Lau Avatar
    Penelope Lau
    28/01/19 - Google

    Diane is a perfectionist, am very happy with the result!

    J Walsh Avatar
    J Walsh
    28/01/19 - Google

    Amazing experience here. Brows turned out exactly how i wanted, shop is clean and the girls are so professional and welcoming

    Vi Nguyen Avatar
    Vi Nguyen
    28/01/19 - Google

    Loving my new brows.I had my first session done 4 weeks ago at Mien Brows and all I can say is how amazing my brows look now. The whole team... read more

  • Nakaoka Nanako Avatar
    Nakaoka Nanako
    28/01/19 - Google

    I'm very happy with the result. Nicole and Gina are very friendly and professional. The fee is a bit pricy but it's worth it with their accuracy and great communication.... read more

    Lily MCNAUGHTON Avatar
    28/01/19 - Google

    After reading all the fantastic reviews I decided to contact Mien Brows and give it a go. Gina at the reception answered all my questions patiently over the phone... read more

    Rosie Avatar
    28/01/19 - Google

    I highly recommend this salon to anyone wanting thee most perfect eyebrows!I couldn't be happier with my new brows, the girls at Mein Brows are super friendly, very professional and... read more

  • Lani Tan Avatar
    Lani Tan
    28/01/19 - Google

    Great job done and very friendly team, feeling good to go there.

    Amanda Bouwsema Avatar
    Amanda Bouwsema
    28/01/19 - Google

    I am very impressed with both Gina and Tasha as they have given me great instructions on what to expect and they have cared for me from the beginning all... read more

    Claudia Leon Avatar
    Claudia Leon
    28/01/19 - Google

    A honest review after I had my eyebrows done by amazing Nicole.I could not be more happy,!!!I trust her from my first visit, she is experienced , professional, dedicated... read more

  • Nicole Demos Avatar
    Nicole Demos
    28/01/19 - Google

    Absolutely fantastic! I was really nervous coming in but Gina at reception made me feel at ease and Nicole kept me comfortable during the procedure. Lovely and friendly so the... read more

    Vimmi Boni B. Avatar
    Vimmi Boni B.
    28/01/19 - Google

    This was my first time trying microblading. After extensive research and reading all the online reviews, I found Mien Brows. I was a tad nervous and hesitated a few times... read more

    Sarah Elle Avatar
    Sarah Elle
    28/01/19 - Google

    Highly recommend Mien Brows for microblading! Stylist Diana did the most amazing job and I couldn’t be happier with my new brows!The team are super friendly and professional, their space... read more

  • Linda Sargeant Avatar
    Linda Sargeant
    28/01/19 - Google

    My experience with Mien brows has been fantastic. Diana did a great job, taking her time and making sure everything looked natural. ... read more

    Jennifer Sutton Avatar
    Jennifer Sutton
    28/01/19 - Google

    Amazing experience and so happy with my brows. Diana is an absolute 🌟 highly recommend Mien Brows.

    Helen Newall Avatar
    Helen Newall
    28/01/19 - Google

    My experience has been absolutely fantastic and u LOVE my new look. It has transformed the structure of my face and given greater definition. Thank you Nicole

  • Lexi Ressom Avatar
    Lexi Ressom
    28/01/19 - Google

    I couldn't be happier with my brows. Thank you 🙂

    Amber Juteau Avatar
    Amber Juteau
    28/01/19 - Google

    I am thrilled with my brows and my whole microblading experience with my stylist Diana. After years of stressing about my patchy brows they are fuller and finally have shape!... read more

    The Litas Melbourne Avatar
    The Litas Melbourne
    28/01/19 - Google

    I have being tossing up wether microblading is for me for a long long time now. I have also been visiting the salon for other personal administration. Nicole kept saying... read more

  • celeste withey Avatar
    celeste withey
    28/01/19 - Google

    I recently had my eyebrows microbkaded at Mien Brows and I abselourky life them! The girls were so friendly and professional and talked me through the whole procedure and after... read more

    Allana Carson Avatar
    Allana Carson
    28/01/19 - Google

    LOVE my brows!!!!😘😃😄 HUGE THANK-YOU Nicole for being so professional, kind, caring and helpful! You explained exactly the whole process and didn't have a worry in the world, and came... read more

    Jennifer Woodgate Avatar
    Jennifer Woodgate
    28/01/19 - Google

    Really happy with my new brows. Nicole was attentive to my wishes and created beautifully formed brows. It didn't even hurt.

  • Rosa Curcio Avatar
    Rosa Curcio
    28/01/19 - Google

    Nicole and the team made me feel very relaxed as I was anxiuos and apprehensive. Nicole made my brows that were thin and nonexistant to now looking amazing. I... read more

    Liz Lim Avatar
    Liz Lim
    28/01/19 - Google

    All in all a very pleasant experience in a private environment. You will be in excellent hands with Nicole

    aiza britten Avatar
    aiza britten
    28/01/19 - Google

    I had a old tattooed eyebrows and wanted to have eyebrows micro blading went to google to search for who ever can do my eyebrows and Mien Brows pop up... read more

  • Lida Der Avatar
    Lida Der
    28/01/19 - Google

    Very professional, highly recommend Nicole , she fixed my eyebrows with a natural look

    Sophie Brown Avatar
    Sophie Brown
    28/01/19 - Google

    I am absolutely thrilled with my eyebrows! Nicole went through the whole process in detail and made me feel incredibly comfortable and confident throughout the procedure. I couldn’t recommend Nicole... read more

    Nicole Watson Avatar
    Nicole Watson
    28/01/19 - Google

    This was a friendly and professional experience and I am delighted with the outcome. I would highly recommend this to all my friends and family.

  • Ally Jenkins Avatar
    Ally Jenkins
    28/01/19 - Google

    It has been awhile since my last visit - why did i wait so long? Loving my eyebrows post 3 days now. Nicole is such a perfectionist, made... read more

    Bhawanpreet Kaur Avatar
    Bhawanpreet Kaur
    28/01/19 - Google

    Really happy with the service and looking forward for my touch up next week. Very satisfing service, would highly recommend Mien Brows- especially for micro blading. Nichole is... read more

    Johanna Mohamed Avatar
    Johanna Mohamed
    28/01/19 - Google

    Nicole did an amazing job with my brows and is very pleasant to deal with.Also, a special mention for the receptionist Gina who provides stellar service and equally a pleasure... read more

  • Annique Rochecouste Avatar
    Annique Rochecouste
    28/01/19 - Google

    Nicole is a perfectionist she did an amazing job really happy!

    Sanjana Choudhury Avatar
    Sanjana Choudhury
    28/01/19 - Google

    Thank you, Tasha for the amazing and professional service. I highly recommend Mien Brows. Very satisfied with the outcome

    Tamrae Kerr Avatar
    Tamrae Kerr
    28/01/19 - Google

    Totally thrilled with my new brows! Staff are all so professional and friendly. Felt very welcome and very safe. Diane is a master at her craft! Highly recommend!

  • Amanda Colombo Avatar
    Amanda Colombo
    28/01/19 - Google

    I highly recommend Mien Brows for all of your eyebrow (lips, eyeliner etc) tattooing needs. Diana was in every way professional, knowledgeable, personable and fabulous at giving me full and... read more

    Rebecca Turner Avatar
    Rebecca Turner
    28/01/19 - Google

    Couldn't be happier with my new brows, and I've had lots of comments on them too! Thank you Tash and Gina, both fantastic to deal with and made me feel... read more

    Anne Warhurst Avatar
    Anne Warhurst
    28/01/19 - Google

    I can’t rate Mien Brows Clinic more highly. I suffer with alopecia and went searching for a way to help cover my patchy eyebrows. I initially spoke with friendly Gina... read more

  • Michelle Yip Avatar
    Michelle Yip
    28/01/19 - Google

    Mien brow's offer a great service. I'm very happy with my brows thanks to Tasha, and Gina made the whole experience very pleasant too.

    Michelle McDonnell Avatar
    Michelle McDonnell
    28/01/19 - Google

    10/10 Mien Brows. Both Tasha and Gina are very welcoming, caring, patient and educational. I was very apprehensive about having my eyebrows microbladed..what if it turned out to be a... read more

    Melissa Bezzina Avatar
    Melissa Bezzina
    28/01/19 - Google

    I highly recommend Mein Brows the staff are kind, friendly & professional & the place itself has a beautiful warm ambience. My consultant was Diane & I couldn't be happier... read more

  • Jo Taylor Avatar
    Jo Taylor
    28/01/19 - Google

    I have been envious of women with perfect brows. After researching I finally decided I would take the plunge. Deciding on Mien Brows to do my brows, I... read more

    Olivia Gilbert Avatar
    Olivia Gilbert
    28/01/19 - Google

    I was a little nervous going forward as the thought of a tattoo on my face is something you don’t want to jump hastily in to. But from the moment... read more

    Christina T Avatar
    Christina T
    28/01/19 - Google

    Thank you to Nicole for the amazing job on my brows. Nicole is a perfectionist and ensures excellence is achieved each and every time. Thank you also to Gina for... read more

  • Penny Ly Avatar
    Penny Ly
    28/01/19 - Google

    I have been really hesitant to try eyebrow feathering but got sick of drawing it. Found Mien Brows and decided to give it a go. I have been dealing with... read more

    Katie Sutton Avatar
    Katie Sutton
    28/01/19 - Google

    A very professional experience. The information given before my treatment was really useful and I felt relaxed and comfortable whilst having the treatment. Treatment takes place in a stylish, clean... read more

    Amanda Low Avatar
    Amanda Low
    28/01/19 - Google

    I’m extremely pleased with my experience at Mien Brows and would highly recommend it to anyone considering getting their eyebrows microbladed! Nicole is incredible and simply the best at what... read more

  • Mary M Avatar
    Mary M
    28/01/19 - Google

    Professional and friendly service. Knowledgeable practitioners with excellent expertise.

    Rebekah Jardine Avatar
    Rebekah Jardine
    28/01/19 - Google

    Getting cosmetic tattooing done can be a big decision. Rest assured that at Mien Brows you are in the hands of professionals. Diana is such a perfectionist, she uses scientific... read more

    Adele Robin Avatar
    Adele Robin
    28/01/19 - Google

    Thrilled to bits with my brows. Diana was amazing and explained the full process. I was hopeless at drawing on my own brows. So always having them done,... read more

  • Tatjana Pavlovic Avatar
    Tatjana Pavlovic
    28/01/19 - Google

    The reason I went to Mien Brows was as a result of all the good reviews.From the moment I called to the time I attended for my appointment, Emily at... read more

    Liz Finch Avatar
    Liz Finch
    28/01/19 - Google

    Had my first session at Mein Brows 6weeks ago Gina made me feel very welcome and Nicole is very professional. I felt totally relaxed as I wasn’t sure of what... read more

    Emily Segal Avatar
    Emily Segal
    28/01/19 - Google

    Thank you for giving me the best eyebrows ever! I can’t believe how much better and more symmetrical my face looks. Diana is impeccable with her attention to detail!! Thank... read more

  • Patricia Werner Avatar
    Patricia Werner
    28/01/19 - Google

    I love love love my new brows. The explanation on what to expect after the initial blading session was spot on. The colour and shape is perfect. Staff are very... read more

    Natalie Cheng Avatar
    Natalie Cheng
    28/01/19 - Google

    We knew from the moment we walked in for our free consultation till after the procedure we would be treated well. The combination of the atmosphere in the studio and... read more

    Nafie Memet Avatar
    Nafie Memet
    28/01/19 - Google

    I totally love my new thicker & symmetrical eyebrows! - Nicole has the gentlest hands, works quickly with outstanding results. Absolutely highly recommend Nicole to anyone considering microblading.

  • Nikki Hills Avatar
    Nikki Hills
    28/01/19 - Google

    After my second visit and I must say, Mien Brows never disappoints! Not only did I feel confident in how my brows are looking, Gina and Nicole went above and... read more

    Jennifer Gysberts Avatar
    Jennifer Gysberts
    28/01/19 - Google

    Being a natural blonde, I always envied brunettes with lovely thick eyebrows. I've spent hours of my life penciling them in. Since having the treatment, I wake up with eyebrows,... read more

    Dorella Tranquille Avatar
    Dorella Tranquille
    28/01/19 - Google

    I've had my eyebrows tattooed before but what Nicole has achieved with my eyebrows is just unbelievable. The treatment was so enjoyable and painless and the result outstanding. Highly recommend Nicole!!!

  • Kira and Millie Avatar
    Kira and Millie
    18/06/18 - Google

    Nicole is amazing! She is the queen of eyebrows!

    Liz Mana Avatar
    Liz Mana
    28/01/18 - Google

    Great service.even better results 🙂

    Stephanie Avdija Avatar
    Stephanie Avdija
    28/01/18 - Google

    Had microblading here 5 weeks ago and I am so happy with the results! Nicole is so lovely and knows exactly what she is doing. I am so glad I... read more

  • Danielle C Avatar
    Danielle C
    28/01/18 - Google

    I absolutely love my eyebrows! They look fantastic and totally natural. Nicole is a gem and a master of her craft. Very happy I chose Mien Brows!!

    Marilou Hudson Avatar
    Marilou Hudson
    28/01/18 - Google

    My brows have never looked better! Truly thrilled with my result and I highly recommend Mien Brows.

    Alexandra Sayer Avatar
    Alexandra Sayer
    28/01/18 - Google

    Very happy with my eyebrow feathering service; I can't believe the difference it made to my face. I expect I will be visiting Nicole for years to come!

  • Wild Avatar
    28/01/18 - Google

    I had been thinking about eyebrow feathering for some time but wanted to be sure it would done by a reputable operator. I came across MienBrows website and was very... read more

    Chau Hoang Nguyen Avatar
    Chau Hoang Nguyen
    28/01/18 - Google

    I had my eyebrows done by Nicole in November. The whole experience was great. I place was clean and nice. Nicole is really a pro. My brows healed in 4... read more

    Philipa Bergman-Hill Avatar
    Philipa Bergman-Hill
    28/01/18 - Google

    Very pleased to recommend MienBrows for eyebrow tattooing. Pleasant environment and professional treatment by receptionist and operator. Minimal discomfort, quick and efficient and pleasing result.

  • ann hyland Avatar
    ann hyland
    28/01/18 - Google

    I had the best care and advice from Nicole at Mien brows. I was a nervous Nelly about the procedure but Nicole's reassurance led to me embarking on the procedure... read more

    T A Avatar
    T A
    28/01/18 - Google

    Mien brows did an amazing job. I wasn't sure what to expect and Nicole was very thorough in explaining the process of microblading, what they would look like in various... read more

    Celia Chappell Avatar
    Celia Chappell
    28/01/18 - Google

    After a lifetime of having fine, fair eyebrows I am delighted with my decision to have eyebrow feathering. I put my trust in Nicole and she didn't let me down....I... read more

  • Lord_Anthony123 Avatar
    28/01/18 - Google

    Ive been wanting to get this done for a long time now but was held back from not only price but fear of something going wrong. After much research I... read more

    Lea Giubilei Avatar
    Lea Giubilei
    28/01/18 - Google

    My experience at mien brow was absolutely wonderfull.Nicolle is very professional and does her job with passion. I absolutely love my eyebrows!Highly recommend!Lea.

    DelilahJChil Avatar
    28/01/18 - Google

    I've just spent the last two years looking online and searching for someone who could feather my eyebrows. It's hard to tell who's really good. It's not something you want... read more

  • Sandy Cheung Avatar
    Sandy Cheung
    28/01/18 - Google

    Nicole's excellent skills make my brows better and better each time after the touchup session. I am very satisfied and more than happy with my brows.Highly recommend Nicole and her... read more

    Anne Calafati Avatar
    Anne Calafati
    28/01/18 - Google

    It was a great experience, a clean and friendly environment, I am extremely happy with the results.

    Melissa Shashyan Avatar
    Melissa Shashyan
    28/01/18 - Google

    Love my brows. Nicole and her team and welcoming, informative and such a lovely relaxing environment. Thanks again can't wait for touch up session.

  • Monica Fuentes Avatar
    Monica Fuentes
    28/01/18 - Google

    I got exactly what i asked for, very happy!

    Annette Marcucci Avatar
    Annette Marcucci
    28/01/18 - Google

    This is the best decision I have ever made! No one can believe that my eyebrows have been tattooed as they look so much like hairs. There wasn't even enough... read more

    Angela Fayth Avatar
    Angela Fayth
    28/01/18 - Google

    I found a Nicole and her team to be exceptional. Highly professional, responded quickly to my enquiry and then further questions and very though in explaining the processes. I absolutely... read more

  • Jessica Avatar
    28/01/18 - Google

    Nicole is amazing. Does such a professional job whilst putting you at ease. Highly recommend. I love my new eyebrows!

    Trish Hill Avatar
    Trish Hill
    28/01/18 - Google

    Nicole is a true brow artist. She is a professional in every way - from explaining the process, to creating your brows and then what to expect as your brows... read more

    Rowena Beach Avatar
    Rowena Beach
    28/01/18 - Google

    Nicole is such a professional. Thorough, detailed and best of all I love my new Brows!!!

  • Gabriela Rawlyk Avatar
    Gabriela Rawlyk
    28/01/18 - Google

    ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! I was referred to Nicole by a hairdressing company and have never looked back. Not only does Nicole have an exceptional eye for what needs to be done... read more

    Simone Staples Avatar
    Simone Staples
    28/01/18 - Google

    Fantastic result and great follow up services. Fully recommend

    Jen Vanderhorst Avatar
    Jen Vanderhorst
    28/01/18 - Google

    Fantastic professionalism and a wonderful artist ... I LOVE my brows ... thanks Nicole!! 💜

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